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Welcome to Survival Club

Survival Club USA was formed back in 1999 in answer to many needs of the Body, Mind and Spirit.  My name is Connie Saunders.  I have run the club and will continue to for free.  I want to help in a big way and welcome advice and input for this site, to make it unique and one that many thousands will want to participate in as a member.  As we grow there will be deputies and others to help, but for now, please contact me if you need anything and I will do my best to help you.

Give and take is part of what a club is all about.  We’re a group and if you join up you’ll be a member on the same terms as the rest of us.

The next purpose is to highlight advice for improving mental acuity or to detail counter survival activities (aimed at imprisoning free thought) to avoid.  The Tips page will be where most of this advice will go.  This is a wordpress blog, but rather than a long running blog, the advice that has long term value will be placed on these pages.

We have also a Death of Money page, which will feature history, situations and details that can help to advise our members of pending survival challenges.   Not all of this data will remain current.  I appreciate any advice on tips or postings that should be taken down, as they no longer have value.  In addition I appreciate members submitting for approval and posting articles and tips.


The assets the club uses are not owned by the club but are given freely by the owners of these assets with only two conditions:

1. That they are improved in some way, rather than be devalued.
2. That a full indemnity letter is signed and notarized by the leader of any group or family who wishes to use one of our asset sites.

If you have an asset (own a claim or vacation home etc.) and you want others in the group to be able to experience and use it, let me know.

Currently Club Members have access to an 80-Acre mining claim in Southern California’s most popular resort area (Big Bear) where members can hike, camp, mine gold, track bears and generally have a terrific time with nature.  With diligence you can reclaim lots of gold from these hills, in fact the mountain is called Gold Mountain but more importantly you can also reclaim your vibrant youthful nature!!

Club members have the opportunity currently to use a refurbished hand built desert cabin in the middle of the Countries largest off road vehicle park (Johnson Valley Off Road Vehicle Park), located in Lucerne Valley, just North of Big Bear in the High Desert.

I will announce more group assets as they become available.

The items sold on this site do make some profit, though a portion of the profits (20% of them) go towards improving the site or assets or go towards discount coupon(s) for members using them on amazon.

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