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Survival Club USA was formed back in 1999 in answer to many needs of the Body, Mind and Soul.

We aren’t getting any younger, and while the clock ticks I’m sure we would all like to have our share of adventure.  Survival Club’s purpose is to help everyone seeking to better their and their families Survival potential and prevent emergencies or dangers from becoming catastrophe’s. If you are looking for a remedy or successful action or tip or product that helps or have vital information on an area of Survival you want to share with the rest of us, this is the club for you and is your club.  Price to become a member is free!  Members will get special discounts on survival products and will also get the ability to access an 80 acre mining claim at the location of the first Southern California Gold Strike just a couple miles from one of Southern California’s finest resort areas.   A club such as this can become very dynamic.  (body)

The next purpose is to highlight advice for improving mental acuity or to detail counter survival activities (aimed at imprisoning free thought) to avoid.  (mind)

It’s final purpose is to provide great retreats for people to help them reconnect with their spiritual nature by extroversion from the hum drum life we all depend on and venture back to more pioneer opportunities. (spirit)


To this end we have maintained the 80 acre mining claim for our members and seek to find other such retreats in the future for our members. Survival Club members can hike, camp, mine gold, track bears and generally have a terrific time with nature, including camping.  The Van Duesen Creek runs through this claim (right on the mountain called Gold Mountain).   More importantly you can also adventure the wilderness and reclaim your vibrant youthful nature!!

The club members also have the opportunity to use (and fix up for comfort) a desert cabin in the middle of the Countries largest off road vehicle park (Johnson Valley Off Road Vehicle Park), located in Lucerne Valley, just North of Big Bear (5 miles from the mining claim) in the High Desert.

This is just a couple miles from old Indian gem mines, incredible climbing hills, an off road park and the full Milky Way every night in all its Glory.

Plus the best Sunsets known to Southern California.  Surrounded by mountains and foothills, the view is truly awesome and the space is both serene and calming.  We ask that members contribute something to this retreat in exchange for staying there to make it nicer in some way and follow a sensible few rules.  Many have retreated here and all to great benefit.

Some have created porches or brought furnishings.  Some have damaged the place.  Please be one who contributes.

This Cabin is completely ‘off the grid’ with no electric wires for miles, hauled water, wind generator and solar panels to power up this cozy cabin with large upstairs loft and second bedroom downstairs along with a large brick patio under the stars.  This retreat has worked magic on many a troubled soul, moving them from drugs or depression over to the light side of the force in a few short weeks.  But even the most elated souls will delight in this Desert wonderland.

More to come, but for now…Email me with questions: