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Death of Money

Gold vs the US Dollar – Round One – Dollar Wins! (more to follow!)


Death of Money: Fact or Fiction

The Coming Stock Market Crash and The Death of Money with Jim Rickards Jim Rickards is the Financial Threat and Asymetric Warfare adviser to the Pentagon and CIA and has been for over 40 years. His viewpoint on current World Events and the subject of money is uniquely born from his vast knowledge and experience.

In this video he briefs any and all on the history and current circumstances that are leading up to a Death of Money as we will soon know it, according to Rickards. It may transfer over to a ‘gold backed’  currency or just change the ‘global money anchor’ from being on the US dollar to being something else.

I think this you-tube video is a must view for any one who wants to survive monetarily, should a catastrophe befall us in the monetary arena. It certainly presents many more options than I had before I listened.

I will be putting in additional comments, strategies and actions from time to time, if they are noteworthy in my opinion.  Similarly, I am happy to receive the same from all group members, and share these below, as they come in.   May you all Flourish and Prosper!

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