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Premium Quality

Paracord is a fun medium to create all manner of storage compartmentalization, to easily secure items but see what they are. It can be used for hundreds of practical projects, but most importantly, it can keep you alive, when you need a ‘lift’ in the worst way.

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100 feet of Parachute cord, now known as ‘paracord’, is a lightweight nylon all purpose utility cord that is used by military personnel and civilians abundantly. More every year.

Paracord can be wound as a “survival bracelet”, meant to be unraveled when needed to lash poles together, fix broken straps and secure cargo. The kind we sell can lift 350 pounds of weight. So if you have a wench, you can get yourself up a cliff you fell down or lower boxes down a steep hill or hang up your hammock with it.

It’s an excellent material for stylish bracelets, lanyards, pouches, watches, belts, dog collars, dog toys, hanging plants, whips. It can even be used for glasses, so you don’t lose them and more but make sure you are getting the kind that has at least 7 strands and will hold this kind of weight.  With your purchase, we will give you two buckles that have whistle, flint fire starter, compass and small knife for emergency use in the wild.  We will also give you a ‘how to’ booklet for making your own paracord bracelet.

Please let me know your preferred color or colors and I will do my best to accommodate you.

2 reviews for "Premium Quality"

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    I wouldn’t have believed all its practical uses, but now I’m into reorganizing my workshop with it. All I wanted this for was camping, now I have to buy more!

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    I forgot to tell them the color I wanted, but I’m happy with what I got.

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