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The magical effects of The SurvivalMatter Magnetic Titanium Bracelet are 100% guaranteed. That they help with poor blood circulation of the human body and the other magical effects promoted by various literature on the subject, is not immediately evident, but here is a test that will convince you at once. After doing this test, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you get your money back.

Here’s the test:
1. First you wear a long sleeve shirt that will hide the fact or your wearing the bracelet, so that your partner won’t know.
2. Place one hand over the other stretched out in front of you and brace yourself.
3. Have your partner try to push your hands down.
4. On one test don’t wear the bracelet. On the other test, wear it. Don’t tell your partner which one you are wearing it on, so we keep this test honest.

No one will believe this beautiful bracelet actually heals too!

No one will believe this beautiful bracelet actually heals too!

The SurvivalMatter Titanium Magnet Bracelet is your best choice for a powerful healing or strength tool that will look so beautiful that you won’t want to take it off.

Titanium is:
100% A Very Powerful Germanium metal conductor natural far-infrared
100% A Precious & expensive Metal
100% Has A Very Powerful natural Neodymium Biomagnet (King of Magnets)

The Biomagnetic gauss power up to 8000 gauss approx with surface gauss over 2000

What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is safe and non-invasive. It applies the power of magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Magnetic therapy provides effective natural pain relief for a number of ailments plus can improve ones strength, help circulation and even improve sleep quality.

If you have tingling, numbness or burning in the body especially hands and legs or difficulty in breathing, you likely need to increase your circulation.

If you lack energy and stamina, have irregular heartbeats, you will likely benefit by increasing your circulation.

Even mental acuity can be affected positively or negatively by ones blood circulation.

High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Chest Pain
The list goes on and on.

With SurvivalMatter’s Magnetic Titanium Bracelet you should begin to experience improvements in your blood circulation if it’s been poor. Any arthritic pain in your wrist should begin to ease. Any inflamation in wrist is used on should reduce.

As you can see from taking the test, you will immediately see your muscles become stronger. Stronger muscles and good mobility help to increase the energy level of the body, reduce stress and enhance overall well-being and mobility.

The sizes and shapes of the bracelet vary, but the effectiveness can be guaged by how many magnets your bracelet has. Our brand has one per link, so is very effective. The measurement of Gauss is important. Ours has 2000 plus in surface Gauss for a one strand bracelet. Most woman’s models are one strand. The two strand model has twice the surface Gauss. Surface Gauss is the most important statistic to measure, as the surface is what is of course closer to your skin. (Gauss is a unit of measurement of magnetic field and is named after mathematician, physics and magnetic researcher Kar F. Gauss)

The World Health Organization issued a statement confirming that the static magnetic fields do not pose any health risks.

Magnet therapy should not be used:

With or near pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, or electronic device.
If you are pregnant.
Near localized cortisone injection site done within the past 2 weeks.
Near trans-dermal drug patches including nicoderm.

Our SurvivalMatter Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelets have what’s called 4 in 1

1. Far-Infrared Specific Magnets?
Far-infrared rays are part of the sunlight spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye. This promotes the health of living cells in plants and animals.

It improves oxygen levels in our body. It warms and eliminates fats, chemicals and toxins from our blood and thus helps circulation. It helps with elimination of waste from the body and reduction of the acidic level in our body plus can improve the nervous system.

These are both health products or fashion accessories! Our products are hand picked as my favorites. We can get others on demand, but those in our collection are strikingly beautiful by survey and do the job!

I’ve noticed over the years that there is both the placebo effect and the anti-placebo effect. In other words there are those who for no medical reason will improve with the use of something, anything. There are also those who will do the opposite or best case will not get any result from trying something that medically should work. That said, this is why we have our 100% money back 30 day guarantee.

Per studies done, there are other Potential Benefits of Magnet Therapy:-
Arthritis pain
Upper back tension
Injuries Headache
Menstrual cramps
Muscular, Hand and Wrist pain
Lower back pain
Inflammation of joints
Inflammation of nerves
Increased body metabolism
Relieve muscle ache
Increased energy level (up to 40%)
Eased arthritic pain
Helps control type two diabetes
Helps control high blood pressure
Helps Lower cholesterol.
Helps reduce inflammation
Improve blood circulation
Enhance detoxification process
Boost immune and endocrine systems
Destroy viruses and bacteria
Improve cellular nutrient absorption
Improve focus and concentration
Help protect DNA from damage
Help retard anxiety and the aging process
Reduce effects of jet lag
Help fight cancer cells
Reduce Stress

Research conducted in using magnets for healing sprains and repetitive strain injury has come out with positive results. If you type all day long, you may want a couple of these just to prevent any trouble.